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Getting it right the first time matters.

Boasting extensive experience in complex tool design and mold fabrication, our team manages the end-to-end design and tool manufacturing process for even the most complicated and unique devices and components.


Utilizing the gold standard in Designing for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM) logic, and building upon it with our Design for Excellence (DfX) approach, we take this critical part of the product development cycle and work with you to optimize the design of your product, merging your product need, with a perfect production method.

Simply put, we use decades of expertise to enhance quality, improve cost efficiency, reduce lead time, and enable you to have a high degree of confidence in your production prior to release.


Unique to only us in Europe, this system is a major step up from standard visual management and demonstrates the trust we have in our production processes. Offering unrivaled quality, non-stop production, and a zero-defect methodology. The world of injection molding just stepped up a gear.

  • Comprehensive CAD technology
  • Complex 3D Design
  • DFM, DFMA and DfX approach
  • Full mold build and maintenance
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Quality at every step

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