You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

Tooling is the backbone of the physical production of almost any product, so getting it right truly matters. With more than two decades of experience and hundreds of product types produced for the automotive and other industries, we can offer tooling for both mass-market and niche offerings.


Accommodating our own in-house tool shop, and combining that alongside long-term, well-established partnerships with qualified and OEM mold builders, we provide you with the optimal range of mold and tooling options. From high to low-end tools, through tool repair, maintenance, and mold modification, we are your partner in ensuring quality in each and every product run.

If you require speed, accuracy, and repeatability of manufacture you must be able to depend on the precision, quality, and characteristics of the tooling, and that is exactly what we offer.


Unique to only us in Europe, this system is a major step up from standard visual management and demonstrates the trust we have in our production processes. Offering unrivaled quality, non-stop production, and a zero-defect methodology. The world of injection molding just stepped up a gear.

  • In-house tool shop
  • Comprehensive tooling, repair and maintenance
  • High precision from design to build
  • Single and multi-cavity
  • Manufacturability and Feasibility advice
  • Choice of mold materials

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